The Safe Traveler Report

Foreign Language Apps for Travelling Abroad

You're going on vacation to a place where you don't know the language, and English isn't widely spoken. What to do?

Driving Overseas: Best Practices

Taking precautions and researching driving and security conditions before departure will allow travelers to evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with self-driving and determine if it is an appropriate means of transportation.

The Importance of Being Prepared

Emergency preparedness has become a critical consideration for U.S. citizens traveling overseas.

The Power of Student Travel

Those students going abroad this summer for no reason other than the thrill of seeing and living life in other places should not feel guilty about it.

Report: 20 Percent of All Money Spent on Travel Comes From Mobile

This year travelers are expected to spend close to $65 billion on travel, up about seven percent from the year prior.

Addressing Sexual Assault While Abroad

As the summer approaches, tens of thousands of students are gearing up for their summer study abroad programs.

Don't be a data dummy when you travel overseas

Talk is cheap. Unless you travel internationally. Then your wireless phone bill can be expensive — very expensive.

Chile's Calbuco Volcano Disrupts International Travel

The eruption of a volcano in Chile's southern Andes disrupted international travel Friday as flights were canceled or delayed in three South American capital cities.

Hotel Wi-Fi Focus: Access & Security

When it comes to guest satisfaction in the hotel industry, quality, reliable and accessible Internet access is a top priority.

Travel with peace of mind, region’s agents stress

Even the most ironclad of plans can be sunk without warning.

Polio-inspired travel restrictions extended for three months

The committee said that even though the number of polio cases reported in Pakistan was declining, the country posed considerable risk.