Chile's Calbuco Volcano Disrupts International Travel

Chile's Calbuco Volcano Disrupts International Travel

The eruption of a volcano in Chile's southern Andes disrupted international travel Friday as flights were canceled or delayed in three South American capital cities.

American Airlines, Delta, and Chilean airline LAN canceled flights to Santiago from the U.S., while a number of other flights were delayed due to ash and smoke that traveled hundreds of miles north to the Chilean capital after being shot into the air by the Calbuco Volcano. The ash can affect visibility and also damage airplanes.

In Argentina, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air France, Delta and Air Canada canceled international flights to Buenos Aires' Ezeiza airport, while airports in the towns of Bariloche, near Chile's southern border, and Neuquén were closed.

"There is a possibility that there will be a flight to Miami tonight, but it depends on what happens with the ashes," an American Airlines employee in Buenos Aires said Friday. "But I think it's very likely that the flight will also be canceled."

The eruption also affected travel in Uruguay as American Airlines and Air France canceled flights in Montevideo.

"Our flights from Toronto to Santiago have not been affected. However, the same flight goes on to Buenos Aires, then returns to Santiago before going back to Toronto. As a result of the ash, we have cancelled that second leg within South America yesterday and today. We are monitoring to determine if it will operate tomorrow," said Peter Fitzpatrick, a spokesman for Air Canada.

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