The Certified Safe Traveler Logo


What do the symbols mean?

The Certified Safe Traveler® logo is a collection of three distinct safety tokens, all combined to represent the securest possible traveler experience; a bind rune, a compass, and a shield. This combination represents CST’s dedication and commitment to giving our customers the most secure and encompassing travel experience possible. 

The symbol inside the shield is a bind rune which is a combination of viking emblems representing ancient protection forces that would usher people through dark and stormy voyages until they returned home safe to their loved ones. In much the same manner, our interactive online course can help steer you through risky and treacherous situations overseas, helping you return home safely. 

The compass is a classic symbol of direction and purpose which we use to guide us forward in our travels and to help us find our location securely. We encourage individuals to use the information they take from our decades of experience like a compass and let it guide them forward as they travel globally. 

The shield was included as a reminder that our first priority is to educate individuals on how to protect themselves while traveling abroad.

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