Students Studying Abroad


Thousands of students are given the opportunity to travel internationally for semesters abroad and volunteer experiences in foreign countries each year. Studying in a new cultural environment proves to be a rewarding and exciting experience that many academic institutions offer.

As a parent you want your children to take full advantage of educational opportunities. However, it is important to recognize that outside forces pose real world dangers like crime, terrorism, heath risks and even the potential for your student to run afoul with the laws of the country. Whether it is an educational trip or a school break vacation we suggest students "know before they go" so they can take full advantage of their time away and as a parent you can stress a little bit less while they are gone. 

The Certified Safe Traveler® course will teach you and your student what you need to know, employing decades of experience from our former CIA and State Department travel security experts to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Once you have taken and completed our course, you will have all the tools needed to be a safe traveler.

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