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The world is an exciting place, filled with new experiences and great challenges. Our natural curiosity pulls us to explore these new corners of the globe, but we must take care to notice and respect the risks that the world also holds. We live in a time where increased global travel has led to an increase in global travel incidents, and it has become a personal responsibility upon each of us to keep ourselves and any loved ones with us safe. 

Certified Safe Traveler® has cultivated experts with decades of foreign travel safety experience, and laid out a comprehensive course that draws from each area of their expertise to create a thorough educational experience. Once completed, you and your family will be armed with the tools you need to recognize and avoid dangerous situations that may develop once you are overseas. Even a small unnoticed detail may derail an entire vacation, so be sure to leave no stone unturned in your preparation. 

Register for the Certified Safe Traveler® course today and begin your exploration with the comfort and security that you are a prepared traveler who is able to recognize and avoid all the costly errors that an unprepared traveler may make in a new, foreign land. With Certified Safe Traveler® you can truly travel smart and return safely.

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