Government Employee Safety


Set the travel safety standard. Let our former CIA & State Department travel security experts certify your agency.

Federal, state and local government agencies are turning increasingly to foreign partnerships to continue to serve those in their communities. Government agencies are forging and fostering more international partnerships every day. With the drastic increase in security threats abroad, international travelers are faced with a multitude of potential dangers. As the list of possible hazards grows, the necessity for proper training and preparation becomes paramount.

How does an agency protect its employees and contractors in today's uncertain world?

The Certified Safe Traveler® Program holds the key to the tools and training by our panel of travel security experts. It is more important than ever that your agency has all the needed information and knowledge to successfully and confidently complete any foreign trip. The Certified Safe Traveler® Program draws upon decades of experience to provide the most comprehensive training and the ability to return safely.

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